3d Milling

Estu Studios specializes in 3d milling in plastic and wood.  We program and cut advanced CNC tool path operations to deliver complex and beautiful objects to our clients.

3d milling cnc hardwood aluminum cutting

3D Milling

This was a complex piece designed as promotional material for Red Bull.  They needed an 8"x8" walnut box cleaved diagonally to reveal an array of mixed drink paraphernalia.  The piece was designed by Wolfgang & Hite and passed off to Etsu for the fabrication.

3d milling cnc hardwood aluminum cutting
3d Milling industrial design fabrication manhattan

Complex Tool Paths

The piece was dissected into manageable sections within the CAD software.  Tool paths were established for 3d milling the 2 inch slabs of walnut.  You can see the motion of the tool-head as blue lines in the image to the left.

Final Product

After the application of a food-safe oil the box looks great!