Art Fabrication

custom cnc art fabrication brooklyn

3D wood carving

The red image on the right is an object carved into a solid block of hardwood from a 3d file.  The wood was then stained black and coated in polyurethane.

Custom Art Fabrication

ESTU studios specializes in custom art fabrication and installation.  This is example is from a 2016 exhibition by Brooklyn based artist Stewart Losee, in which all the pieces were CNC carved wooden reliefs exported from 3d computer based environments.  The process essentially yields large 3d prints in wood.

The piece pictured to the left is a computer based physics simulation of 16:9 screens being dropped into the ocean.  A snapshot was taken from the simulation and collapsed to a 1 inch depth, then carved from a sheet of MDF.

custom cnc art fabrication brooklyn

Kinetic Systems

This pin wheel piece is a very complex construction consisting of hand painted pinwheels, CNC cut plexiglass gear systems, and driving motors with a PWM electronics for speed control.  Everything has bearings and grease, including some bearing chases made from scratch.

Employing Set Building Techniques... render immersive environments.  The entire environment was conceived in a drafting software and laid out for traditional set building techniques.  The column motif repeats every 48" so the flats can be butted up side by side and create a continuous pattern through the space.  Some flats can be customized with functionality like door ways, then mixed and matched.