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We operate a 4000 square foot full service wood shop in East New York.  We're accessible by 3 different train lines (A C E, J Z, and L).  We operate a 4'x8' CNC machine and specialize in custom fabrication.  This includes CAD/design, fabrication, window displays, store fronts, bar build-outs, scenic work, fashion, highly customized art objects,  plywood, hardwood, furniture, signage, vinyl, aluminum, plexi/acrylic/hdpe/pvc/pcb, pink foam (xps), custom electronics, the list goes on.  If you conceive it, we will build it.  Most of this happens in-house and for more obscure requests we can reach out in our networks of other fabricators and suppliers.


We have an extensive knowledge of nearly all materials and processes available at this time...so I repeat: If you conceive it, we will build it.   Consultation is a large part of what we do.  We can take a lofty vision and transform it into simple steps, recommending materials and processes to bring things into budget and timeline without compromising the vision.  Our networks run deep and wide acting as another great asset to our studio.  We have established working relationships with people in a variety professions, from electrical engineers, to programmers, to welders and upholsterers, water jet cutting, rapid prototyping and 3d printing.

Large Scale Installation

The piece to the right was one of our most recent projects.  This was installed at Richard Taittinger Gallery in the Lower East Side.  French/Russian art collective Recycle Group needed a variation on the typical modernist surface, in which to display their art.  Instead of white cubes we have white cylinders.  No project is too large or small.  An idea might be obscure or improbable, but never impossible.

Meet the Team

stewart losee cnc estu studios brooklyn

Stewart Losee

Designer / Builder

Stewart has a background in fine art which led to industrial design, CAD, general fabrication and building.  His architecture project t/saz can be found here.

cnc milling manhattan nyc art installation

Spencer Yaw

Licensed Contractor / Architect

Spencer has a background in entrepreneurialism which led to construction, architecture, urban planning, preservation and development. He is constantly broadening his stroke in the built environment.


Mike D

PR / Muscle

Mike is a man of action with incredible stamina and an unflinching sense of positivity.

Get the ball rolling...

Don't hesitate to contact us about projects you need help with.  Anything from a little CNC work to a full design and installation...

ESTU Studios

100 Hinsdale
Brooklyn, NY 11207

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