Lighting & Electronics

LEDs and Wiring

ESTU also works in lighting and electronics.  The piece seen in the header was a public art commission; THE GEOMANCY LANTERN.  The idea was to make a modular 3d lightbox.  Each vertice of the tetrahedron has an LED bulb projecting on the face across.  The tetrahedral light boxes are bolted together in an improvised structure.

The image on the left is a process shot of the electronics installation.  Ethernet cable was used indiscreetly for aesthetic purposes.

Process Pics

You can see its glowing techno-fetish bones below.  To the right you can see the beginning of the printed panel installation.  We used a translucent polystyrene printing substrate, and UV print process.  A large format million dollar CNC knife cut out all the triangles at lightning speed.

custom lighting electronics brooklyn

Other Applications

With low-voltage/low-heat electronics it's generally safe and fun to embed lighting in wooden objects.  The image on the left is a light fixture carved from hardwood.  A 12v LED car blinker was used because it had an interesting shape and two lighting modes, amber and cool-white.